Ceratomic LUX

Ceratomic LUX

Resin-based 3D printer

Ceratomic LUX is a LCD 3D printerspecially focused to dental framework and model printing, by using photopolymerizable resins.

Both its resin basin and printing support are removables, allowing the user to switch between the different materials in a quick way. By having different basins, don't need to deeply clean them for holding a different resin.

  • LCD Technology, with 5,5" screen.
  • Resolution: 2.550x1.440 pixel.
  • High resolution in X and Y axes: 47 micron.
  • Resolution in Z axis between 25 and 100 micron, user-selectable.
  • Open system: allows 3rd party resin usage.

Available materials:

  • ceratomic R-MODEL: Photopolymerizable resin, for model production (either detachable or compact).
  • ceratomic R-CAST: Castable photopolymerizable resin, ash-free, for castable framework production.
  • ceratomic R-CLEAN: Isopropyl alcohol 99%, for printed parts cleansing.

other materials in preparation

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